Not Very Closed Minded, Part 24

, | Right | February 9, 2017

I work in parts/service at a boat dealer. It’s six pm, late in the year so it’s already dark outside. The salesmen are long gone for the day, and I’ve shut off the sign, locked the gates, shut off the showroom lights, and have locked all the doors except one up front, which I’ll lock behind me when I leave.

I punch out and grab my pop out of the mini-fridge back in the service bay, and am about to make my way around the counter and out the front when I hear a noise.

The front door bell dings and I hear someone stumbling around in the pitch black dark. Gradually, the silhouette of a figure appears, tripping on the rug, bumping into boats and displays as he feels his way around.

Eventually he makes his way back to the desk, looks around at the dark computer monitors in bewilderment, and goes: “Oh! Are you guys closed?” 

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