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Not Very Closed Minded, Part 20

| Right | September 12, 2016

(The store has been closed for nearly fifteen minutes and I am doing the final money counts for the night. I see a customer walk over by the door. He looks at our open sign, which is off. Then he looks at our door, which has our hours posted on it and checks his watch. After that, he reaches for the door and tries to open it, only to find that it’s locked. He then spies me at the register, watching him.)

Customer: *yells* “ARE YOU OPEN?!”

(I shake my head ‘no.’)

Customer: *still yelling* “ARE YOU SURE?!”

(I nod my head ‘yes.’ He then leaves and I turn to my coworker, who has come up front after hearing the shouting.)

Me: “Apparently the open sign being off, the time clearly being past close, and the fact that the door is locked weren’t quite enough to clue him in to the fact that we’re closed. He just had to be positive we were closed.”

Coworker: “Yeah, but are you SURE we’re closed?”


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