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Not Very Charitable Expectations, Part 2

, , | Right | November 27, 2020

I work in a small charity shop selling clothes and other goods. We all work hard to make it look nice, but it’s pretty obvious everything is second-hand. A customer comes in and browses for a while, and then comes to the counter with a child’s ride-on toy with the usual marks from use.

Customer: “This is a bit dirty.”

Me: “Yes, we’ve cleaned it up but those marks wouldn’t come off.”

Customer: “The wheels are all marked up, too.”

Me: “Yes, it’s been used, so they will be.”

Customer: “Oh, this has been used? Can I get one from the back?”

Me: “Sorry, this is the only one; we don’t have stock or anything.”

Customer: “Well, when are you getting more in? I’m not buying a used one.”

Me: *Pause* “You do realise this is a charity shop?”

Customer: “Well, of course, I do. It says on the front.”

Me: “Everything here is donated; it’s all second-hand.”

Customer: “It’s… what? What do you mean?”

She looks around, confused.

Customer: “You’re selling for charity.”

Me: “People donate things to us. Sometimes we’re lucky and get things that are pretty new-looking, but everything here is used.”

Customer: “So… you don’t sell anything new?”

Me: “Er. No. Sorry.”

Customer: “Oh, right. Sorry, then. I don’t want this… I didn’t know how this all worked.”

She left the toy on the counter and walked out, still looking a bit confused. Seriously, even if you’ve never been in a charity shop before, it’s pretty obvious that nothing is brand new!

Not Very Charitable Expectations

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