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Not Very Chair-itable Behavior

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I’m giving away a load of pieces of furniture that we no longer need, including a pair of dining chairs. A woman tells me she wants them and (eventually) accepts that she will collect them.

Me: “The address is [address]. What time will you collect?”

Customer: “I don’t know. Tomorrow afternoon?”

Me: “Okay, but what time roughly? I don’t want to leave them out and have it rain.”

Customer: “I don’t want them if they get rained on.”

Me: “Yes, so tell me what time you will be here. I will put them outside just before you get here.”

Customer: “1:00?”

Me: “Okay, thank you. I will put them outside at 12:30.”

When 12:30 comes around, I put the chairs outside and get back to work. I check outside at 13:30; the chairs are still there. 14:00, 15:00, still there.

I get busy doing something and don’t notice the rain; it rains for nearly an hour before I realise that I should check them. The last thing I want is chairs that no one wants. I check and they are gone; it looks like they were taken only recently as I can see an outline where the chairs blocked the rain.

I think nothing of it until around 21:00 when I get a message.

Customer: “I’ve come to collect the chairs but they’re not there, and you are not answering the door.”

Me: “You are eight hours late. Someone else has them now.”

Customer: “You’re lying. We agreed that I could have them; I have driven here all the way from [Place not actually far away].”

Me: “Tough, the chairs are gone. Try showing up when you promised. I am out with my family, so I won’t be answering the door.”

She tried to call my phone, but I rejected the call and switched my phone off. Apparently, the neighbours saw her screaming into the letterbox for half an hour. They were going to call the police, but thankfully, she left before then.

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