Not Using The Direct(ion) Approach

, , , | Right | January 4, 2021

I work at a very large hospital at the main desk, giving out visitor passes and giving people directions. The hospital is connected to a very large college and we happen to share the football field parking lot, so on the days of home games, visitors have to move their cars to a different parking lot.

This is a usual day for me. Interaction #1:

Visitor #1: “Hi, I need a room number.”

Me: “Not a problem. Who are you visiting?”

Visitor #1: “My dad.” *Looks at me expectantly*

Interaction #2:

Me: “Do you need directions?”

Visitor #2: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, if you just go straight down th—”

Visitor #2: “Okay!” *Walks in completely wrong direction* 

Interaction #3:

Visitor #3: “Where do I move my car to for the game tomorrow?”

Me: “Just go out of our parking lot to the right, and then y—”

Visitor #3: “Okay, go left, and then what?’ 

I’m beginning to question if I’m even speaking English.

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