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Not Using Their Grey Matter

, , , , | Right | May 21, 2018

(It’s Thanksgiving night, and the women’s clothing store where I work is open and selling away for Black Friday. Black Friday brings out the crazies, and this is no exception. We have a visitor from out of state who is in constant need of attention and help. My coworker and I can’t leave her side, and most of our interactions go like this:)

Customer: “I love these navy pants. Can I get them in grey, too?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, we don’t carry our bootleg pants in grey. The only grey pants we have are our trouser fit.”

Customer: “Oh, let me try those!”

Me: “You already have, ma’am. Remember? The black ones. We didn’t have your size in the grey, but we said we could order them for you in the color you wanted and it would ship to your house.”

Customer: “Oh, yes. I don’t need any black pants, though.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I know. We just had you try the black ones on to see if you liked the fit. The grey ones we are ordering for you fit the exact same way.”

Customer: “Oh, okay. Can I get those in navy, too?”

Me: “I’m sorry. We don’t have our trouser pants in navy. Only grey, black, white, and brown.”

Customer: “I only need grey. Let me try on the grey ones.”

Me: “We don’t have your size in the grey, remember? That’s why you tried on the black. Those are the ones we’re shipping to you?”

Customer: “Ah, yes, yes. yes. Like the ones I’m wearing now. Only grey.”

Me: “Nope. The ones you’re wearing now are our bootleg pants.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, can I get them in grey?”

Me: “We only sell our bootleg pants in black and navy.”

Customer: “But I don’t need black pants. I need grey pants.”

(This went on for two hours. She finally checked out and we made sure we explained everything that was going to happen very carefully. She seemed to finally understand, and we thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later, we got a phone call from a very frustrated store in her home state. She had apparently called them, very irate, because the package they delivered to her was the wrong pant. She wanted the grey bootleg pant — which doesn’t exist — and they sent her the grey trouser pant — which she ordered. When they tried to explain that to her, she demanded a refund. You just can’t help crazy.)

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