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Not Tiring Of This Kindness

, | Hopeless | February 25, 2017

(My bicycle has a slow puncture, and the back tire is completely flat. I’m pretty much clueless about bike maintenance, as my dad has always insisted on fixing things for me — I don’t even know what pressure the tires should be! I take it into a local bike cooperative, which is run by volunteers and supplies tools for fixing your own bike for a ‘suggested donation’ of £10, as well as running courses on bicycle maintenance, which are way outside my budget at the moment.)

Me: “Hi, something’s wrong with my bike. The back tire’s all squishy and I put air in it yesterday.”

Volunteer: “Sounds like you’ve got a puncture. Do you know how to fix it yourself or do you want some help?”

Me: “Uh… I honestly have no idea how to do it.”

(The volunteer spends over an hour walking me through fixing the puncture, tells me how to find the tire pressure and has me re-inflate the tires, then points out where my brakes are rubbing and teaches me how to adjust them. After almost two hours, he finally deems the bike safe to ride.)

Volunteer: “So how much would you like to pay? We usually ask for £10, if you can afford it.”

(Yes, this guy rang up two hours of work and teaching as a ‘DIY service’ because it was stuff I should have been taught a long time ago and he felt bad charging me more for it!)

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