Not Tipped For Good Service

| Working | September 28, 2016

(My mother and I go out to eat at a popular, kinda high-end but not really fancy, restaurant. It is fairly early so we are seated quickly. We wait over forty minutes before we even have a waitress come over. We get a waitress with her arms folded over her chest, her hip popped out, and a heavy sigh.)

Waitress: “Hi, I’m [Waitress] and I’m your waitress. What do you want to drink?”

(I am appalled but say nothing. I don’t like to yell at service people because I’ve been there and done that. We give her our drinks order and since we have been waiting so long we already know what we want to eat.)

Me: “Could we please place our food order now? We know what we want already.”

(She makes that “ugh” noise that people make when they get annoyed.)

Waitress: “You’re going to have to wait until I get a pad and pen.”

(She stalks off without saying anything else. I can see the little server kiosk area from our table. She stands there for around ten minutes texting and laughing at her phone, before finally getting our drinks. She sets them on a tray and sets it down while she goes back to texting while other servers try to maneuver around her to put their tables’ orders through.)

Mom: “I’m going to find a manager!”

(I stop her, wanting to see where this goes. After another fifteen minutes, the waitress finally brings our drinks.)

Me: *trying to be as polite as I can manage* “Are you ready to take our food order now, miss?”

(She rolled her eyes but removed the pen and pad from her apron and just stared at me expectantly. I bit my tongue and we gave her our order. Half an hour went by of her being on her phone before our order got typed through. After an hour we finally got our food and the rest of the meal went on just as it had. She rolled her eyes when we asked her for refills, after physically having to flag her down as she was not doing table checks, and she just had a general snooty attitude. We finished and after another twenty minutes of waiting she brought the check and went on with whatever she was doing. I opened the check and had to bite my tongue to keep from cussing this girl out. She wrote in a THIRTY DOLLAR (NOT percent. DOLLAR) tip for herself.  Internally, I cussed the skin off her face. Externally, I asked to see a manager. He was just as appalled as we were by her behavior and audacity of writing in her own tip. We were given our meal at half price and as far I know, the waitress never even made it to the end of her shift.)

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