Not Thinking Outside The PO Box, Part 2

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I go to drop off packages at the post office, and the line is outside because of health and safety requirements, so I stand in line, too.

I finally get inside and there are six people standing around waiting to just drop off packages. The working folks are busy so they don’t pay any mind to us. I’m a bit frustrated because usually you just drop them off.

So, we are all standing there, and I turn slightly to my right. There is a huge box with a sign that says that prepaid drop-offs can go in this box. I say, “Ha! A box! I just had to read the sign!”

I drop my things in said box and leave. As I leave, I hear a collective groan and three other people say, “Read the signs!” as they toss their boxes in the box and leave, too.

Not Thinking Outside The PO Box

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