Not Thinking Outside The Bin

, , , | Working | June 18, 2018

(I work in a hotel by myself. Today has been especially busy, with phones ringing off the hook, customers coming and requesting things, etc. A customer comes to drop off his dry cleaning. I put his crumpled clothes in a bag with “dry cleaning” written on it. We have a bin for it, so I set it on top of the bin and continue powering through my day. Finally, my relief comes and I scoot out the door. The next day, there’s a note saying that the customer was mad because his clothes didn’t get cleaned! I realize with horror that I didn’t put the clothes INSIDE of the bin.)

Me: “But they were on top of the bin! And they were clearly labeled as ‘dry cleaning’ on the bag!”

Coworker: *shrug* “They need to be inside of the bin, not on top.”

Me: “So they picked it up, saw crumpled clothing that it was clearly labeled ‘dry cleaning,’ looked inside, saw nothing, and decided there was no dry cleaning? What?”

Coworker: “Yeah. It has to be inside.”

(The customer came down and blamed me, and I know I deserved it and was stupid for thinking my coworkers weren’t dumb, but really, who picks up dry cleaning and decides there is none to send? And these are people who have worked here for years, so I’m floored.)

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