Not The Type Of Flexibility You Need In Fitness

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(I’m working at the check-in desk for the fitness center of a community center. The center is undergoing renovations which include new ID cards and protocols for members of the center; previously, they would show a membership card to the check-in desk and the attendant would let them in. Now, we need to scan the card to verify that the membership is current. We are told there are no exceptions to this policy, although if a member forgets their card we are allowed to look them up by name to verify the membership. The following exchange occurs after some general niceties; up until this point the customer has been mostly normal and friendly.)

Me: “May I please see your ID card?”

Customer: “Why do you want to see my card?”

Me: “I need to scan the card as part of our updated security procedures.”

Customer: “What if I forgot it?”

Me: “That’s okay; I can look you up by name for today. However, we would appreciate it if you would bring the card in the future.”

Customer: “What if I forget it next time I come in?” 

Me: “If that were to occur, we could look you up by name next time, but we really would appreciate you bringing your card when you use the fitness center.”

Customer: *suddenly belligerent* “NO MAN WILL EVER WANT YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE INFLEXIBLE!”

Me: *stunned*

(My coworker who had been present for the entire exchange jumped in and started explaining that these were the fitness center’s policies, not my personal policies. The following day, we were informed that this member was the exception to the rule and we should avoid requesting his card. This development was made even more strange by the fact that other customers with bad behavior were not handled the same way and were even brought into the membership office for a stern talking-to!)

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