Not The Time To Have A Light Bulb Moment

| Working | May 5, 2014

(The waterworks just caused a massive gas leak in the middle of the road. We are standing in the middle of a cloud of gas as the head mechanic is checking the situation. I and a coworker have to watch out that no one enters the area. We are having a conversation.)

Coworker: “I can’t believe they managed to—”

(His eyes go wide and he points at Worker, who is searching for something inside of his pocket. Before we can react, he pulls out a cigarette and a lighter.)


(Worker looks at me. Coworker and I tackle the guy.)

Head Mechanic: “Are you f****** nuts?! You could have killed us all!! What were you thinking?!”

Worker: “Uh, I just wanted to have a smoke?”

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