Not The Time To Ask For A Job

| Working | July 10, 2017

(I work as a receptionist at a museum. I’m from Sweden and have a pretty common Swedish appearance. A customer stands right outside the glass door, staring at me, while I get ready to open. A couple of minutes before opening the door to get out to place the street signs outside, the customer grabs the door and tries to force himself in.)

Me: “I’m sorry, we open in a couple of minutes.”

Customer: *looks me up and down and says with a snarky voice* “Well, here in Sweden we are punctual.”

(Too baffled to answer, I just walk past him and place the signs outside. I go back in, put the last thing in order, and get seated at the reception. The customer walks confidently up to the counter.)

Customer: “I want a job here!”

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