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Not The Sharpest Knife In The Set

, , , | Right | June 29, 2022

There’s a gentleman who runs a business that involves sharpening blades. Since we have a lot of sewers and other crafters that use scissors, we have an arrangement where we help to drum up the gentleman’s business as well as host him every now and then in exchange for him sharpening our cutting counter scissors for free while he’s at the store.

As such, we have fliers advertising when he comes, as well as a list of what he sharpens and the prices. I’m running the register when a customer comes up to make a purchase and sees the flier.

Customer: “Y’know, my brother has one of those Japanese samurai swords. Can I bring that in?”

Me: “I wouldn’t. It’s likely just decorative, and even if it wasn’t, a katana is a weapon. I think they also have to be handled a certain way if being sharpened? But if you’re set on it, you’re more than welcome to take a flier and give him a call to ask.”

The customer is ignoring me, looking over the flier listing items he sharpens and reading one of the items aloud.

Customer: “Single bevel Japanese knife… A sword is just a really big knife, right?”

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