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Not The Photo Perfect Finish

| Working | March 23, 2016

(Before the days of ubiquitous digital cameras and smartphones, our band decides to hire a photographer to document a big show for our website. We compare prices until someone’s third cousin is recommended. She is affordable and has reasonable work experience with a music magazine, with access to their professional camera. A couple of days after our gig, the following takes place.)

Me: “So, you sent us only three photos? We still need the rest of them.”

Cousin: “That should be enough. Didn’t you like the photos?”

Me: “Well, two are of the same person from the same angle, the third is of some posing man. What the hell happened?”

Cousin: “Oh, I had to dance.”

(Buying a photo scanner and inviting our parents and grandparents would have been a better idea.)

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