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Not The Most Gifted At Listening, Part 2

| Working | January 22, 2013

(This particular music and entertainment retailer has just entered administration, which in the UK means it could soon be closing and all employees are facing job losses. Because of this, the company can no longer offer refunds or exchanges. I’ve bought a Blu-ray the previous day, and come home to discover that an internal security tag is still active and preventing me from watching the film.)

Me: “Hi, I picked this up yesterday and—”

Cashier: “No refunds or exchanges.”

Me: “Yes, I understand that. It’s just that the—”

Cashier: “No refunds or exchanges.”

Me: “I don’t want a refund or exchange. It’s just that I bought this yesterday and—”

Cashier: “NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. God, haven’t you seen the news? We are in administration and cannot offer refunds or exchanges.”

Me: “Can I talk to someone else? I really don’t want a refund or exchange.”

Cashier: “I’ll get my manager but he will tell you the same thing. No refunds or exchanges.”

(The cashier disappears for a minute and returns with a manager. )

Manager: “We don’t offer refunds or exchanges. I’m sorry; it’s because we are now in administration.”

Me: “I understand but I don’t want a refund or exchange, it’s just I bought this yesterday and—”

Manager: “No special circumstances. We just can’t.”

(At this point a security guard comes over. He takes the Blu-ray from me and removes the security tag, looks at his colleagues and mutters…)

Guard: “You are a pair of morons. Please listen to the customers, and save embarrassing yourself!