Not The Most Gifted At Gifting

| Friendly | December 19, 2014

(A family friend is over for Christmas, giving presents to me and my siblings. He gives everyone a box, and we start opening them.)

Sister: “Ooh, a [Toy #1] and [Toy #2]!”

Brother: “Awesome, I got [Video Game #1], [Video Game #2], and [Video Game #3]!”

(I open mine, and I get a box of assorted small candies. I’m somewhat upset, since my siblings all got about $50 of stuff, and I got almost nothing. However, I keep quiet, to not seem ungrateful. We’re eating dinner later when the family friend talks about getting presents. I’m in another room, but I can easily hear what people are saying.)

Friend: “Yeah, [Brother] and [Sister] are easy to shop for. They had a bunch of stuff for them. But [My Name] didn’t really say what she wanted. And she’s kind of rude, too.”

Brother: “So…you purposely got her something cheap because you were too lazy to ask what she likes?”

Friend: “When you say it like that, you make it seem like I was a jerk!”

(He argued that I was rude and didn’t even deserve the candy. My siblings eventually got through to him. He later gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores.)

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