Not The Kind Of Brotherly Love You Want

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My husband and I went away for a weekend, so we asked his 17-year-old brother to check in on our dog and two cats in our absence. He agreed and off we went on our little vacation. When we returned, I noticed the bed had been stripped. I asked why and he said it was because one of the cats sprayed the bed. They’d never done it before, but I chalked it up to a kitty protesting our absence.

After that, I kept finding that things were not as I remembered them. I couldn’t explain what was happening but certain things just seemed… off.

I was taking a shower one day when, without looking, I reached for my shampoo only to find it on another shelf. My husband suggested that maybe I had moved it without thinking.

Another day, I went to make a sandwich but the lunch meat was gone. I knew I’d just bought a new pack two days before, so I asked my husband if he had eaten it. I told him my feelings about things around the house but he brushed them off, saying I must not be remembering things correctly.

Still another time, my husband and I were watching a movie before leaving for some errands. When we came home that night, a different channel was on. He started to believe something was off, so we started double checking that all the doors and windows were locked before we left the house.  

One night, my husband’s brother came over for dinner and brought his girlfriend — without asking, but that’s another annoyance.

After dinner, we were sitting outside when his girlfriend excused herself to use the toilet. I watched her walk inside and up the stairs, and then heard the bathroom door close, shortly followed by the sound of the toilet flushing.

She came back downstairs and rejoined us. I told my husband’s brother and his girlfriend that they would have to leave and would not be welcomed back for a long time.

He asked why and I replied, “The cat peed on the bed?” The girl turned deep red and stomped to the car, followed quietly by her boyfriend.

My husband was confused and started getting mad at me for being so rude. I pointed out that the girl had known exactly where the toilet was, despite not being given a tour or directions, and I started listing all the weird things that had happened since our vacation.

My husband called his brother, who confessed that he and his lady friend had been using our house as a lovenest while we were out.

We had our locks changed and refused to give a spare key to anyone. When his mother asked why she wasn’t getting a key, I told her what her son had done. This was over a year ago and I think he’s still mad at me.

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