Not The Hoopiest Of Froods

, , , , | Right | February 26, 2019

(I work in the pharmacy department of a large national retailer. It is important to note that there are a couple of registers at the pharmacy counter, which are usually only used by customers who are picking up medications, but can be used to check out customers with non-pharmacy related products, as well. A customer approaches me with a single bath towel in his hand.)

Customer: “I need to cash out.”

Me: “Certainly. They can help you at the pharmacy counter.”

Customer: “No, I want to cash out!”

Me: “Of course, sir. The cashiers in the pharmacy can certainly help you; you don’t need to be picking up a prescription to use the registers.”

Customer: *starting to act very agitated* “No! I just want to cash out!”

Me: *wondering if I’m misunderstanding what he’s saying* “Um, are you asking where to pay for your towel?”

Customer: *clearly upset now* “I just want to get this towel and take it home so that I can use it to dry off after my shower!”

(I am more than a little worried because this conversation doesn’t seem normal.)

Me: “Okay, either you can pay for the towel at the pharmacy registers, or I can show you where the front registers are. You are welcome to check out at either location.”

Customer: “Clearly you’re having a bad day! Fine! I’m just going to go. I’m having a bad day, too!”

(I was completely confused about what had just happened, and then the pharmacist, who must have seen at least the last part of the exchange, called me to the pharmacy. I was sure I was in trouble, but she explained that she actually knew him and that he was suffering from a form of dementia. He had come shopping with his aide, but at some point, they had gotten separated. In the end, I was able to find her and reunite them. A happy ending, although I don’t know if he ever got his towel or not. I hope so, because a towel is just about the most massively useful thing a traveler can have.)

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