Not The Cream Of The Blighted Crops

| Related | July 24, 2013

(My family and I are playing a Dungeons and Dragons type role-play game. My character is a rather unsuccessful witch; my few spells include ‘summon fish’ and ‘blight crops’, and aren’t ever useful. I also don’t have any weapons or much combat ability. After getting separated from the group, I’m attacked by a ‘desiccated corpse’.)

Me: “Well, I’m gonna die. Can my next character not suck?”

Brother: *dead serious* “No, no, wait. You turn around, you look that desiccated corpse right in the eye, and you BLIGHT HIS CROPS!”

(Amazingly, I ended up winning the encounter: I was saved by a wandering tiger, attracted by my summoned fish.)

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