Not The Brightest Student In The Room

| CA, USA | Learning | April 6, 2017

(It is during gym class, when we are all broken up into small groups of four and are rotating around the gym, doing a certain exercise for one minute, and then moving on. As my group gets to the exercise by the corner of the room, we finish extremely fast and are just milling around for about thirty seconds. Two of my groupmates are talking in the corner and Classmate #1 has found a small metal panel in the wall.)

Classmate #1: “Oh, what’s this?” *opens the panel that wasn’t properly shut anyway, revealing light switches* “So this is where you control the lights…” *In a joking tone* “I’m gonna flip one.”

Me: “Hah, dude, I wouldn’t if I were you.”

(I step and turn away from my classmate and pretend to be interested in a ball as I’m pretty sure he has enough common sense not to touch the light switches. But, I don’t doubt how stupid he can be and I don’t want to be caught anywhere in it. Sure enough, half of the lights go out in the gym, considerably dimming the room. The entire gym looks and calls out in confusion.)

Me: *spinning around* “Dude, you actually did it?”

Teacher: “[Classmate #1], what are you doing?! Come over here.”

(He did get some form of punishment but I still don’t know why he decided to turn off the gym lights… when he was the only person standing next to the only light switches in the room.)

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