Not The Best Way To (Air) Condition Your Child

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(I have always been clumsy and I sometimes lack common sense; I don’t think before I do. At age 19, I want to move out on my own since I have the money. My parents say okay, but they basically handle a lot of the setting up and so on. Once I move, they continue to check in all the time, taking care of things. Soon, the air conditioner breaks. A week later, they come over to check and help me buy a new one.)

Dad: “So, let’s measure the space, and let’s have a look at buying one that fits.”

Me: “No need. I already have one.”

Dad: “Oh, you bought one yourself already? Wow.”

Mom: “Well, let’s see it.”

Me: “Surprise! Here it is.”

Dad: *seeing the old air conditioner exactly as it was* “I thought you said you got a new air conditioner.”

Me: *points to container on the floor with a fan and pipe sticking out*

Dad: “What’s that?”

Me: “My air conditioner. I made it, with help from the Internet.”

(My parents stopped trying to check in on me so often and let me handle things on my own more. I haven’t yet made anything else similar after that, though. I did eventually get an actual air conditioner because I was clumsy enough to spill and slip on icy water.)

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