Not The Best Display Of Human Behavior

, , , , | Right | January 10, 2011

Customer: “What do you do with the old displays?”

Me: “We keep most of them on display year-round. The rest are usually thrown away if they display old merchandise.”

Customer: “Can I ask a manager if I can just buy the ones on display right now?”

Me: “I can call him if you’d like, but he’s locked in the office right now checking the safe. We’re closing in a few minutes.”

(I call my manager on the office phone but he promptly replies the same way I did: she cannot buy any of the displays.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we’re unable to sell them to you. Is there anything I can help you with otherwise? We’re closing and my register will be shut down soon so if you’d like to buy anything, now’s your chance.”

(Woman looks at me and walks out the front door. About ten minutes later, I’m counting out the register drawers and my manager calls over the intercom.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name], could you come to the stock room when you get a chance? We need you to identify this woman we found in the dumpster stealing our displays.”

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