Not That Kind Of Sand-wich

| NY, USA | Learning | September 16, 2015

(Our Earth Science teacher is showing us a beaker with water and “magic sand” is it. This is the following conversation.)

Teacher: “So when you remove it from the water…” *takes some sand out of beaker* “It’s completely dry!”

Everyone: “Wow!”

Student #1: “What happens if you stir it?”

Teacher: “It stays in a clump. Like this.” *stirs the sand*

Student #2: “What if you put it in a blender?”

Teacher: “It will also stay in a clump.”

Student #3: “Can you eat it?”

Teacher: “I don’t know. But I suggest that you don’t.”

Me: “Why do you want to eat it?”

Student #3: *shrugs shoulders*

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