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Not That Kind Of Loyalty Card

, , , , | Right | March 29, 2021

I work at a high-end salon as a receptionist. I get a call from a customer who hasn’t been in since 2018, but he’s still in the system. All I need, since this is a very high-end salon, is a card number to add on file. This is policy to protect the stylists, and we make no exceptions.

Customer: “I’m not putting no d*** card on file! I’m a loyal customer! Look at my file; you’ll see thirty or forty visits! I never paid with a card! Always cash!”

Me: “I’m very sorry, sir. I can contact the owner for you, but I can’t reserve the spot.”

Customer: “Go ahead and do that! And no matter what, I will be there at 2:00 tomorrow!”

First, I looked at his profile. He had been here all of nine times over two years ago. I called the owner, and he said not to worry about it and that I’d handled it correctly. So, let’s wait and see if he shows up tomorrow!

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