Not Terrier-fied Of Snakes

| Friendly | January 11, 2016

(I am meeting one of my mother’s friends at church. I am a fourteen-year-old girl with a mild fear of dogs due to traumatic past experiences involving the neighbor’s terrier. I also am ‘weird’ in that I love snakes, lizards, and all other animals, and keep a pet corn snake whom I love very, very much.)

Friend: “So do you have any pets?”

Me: “Oh, yes, ma’am. I have four African Dwarf frogs, a part-Siamese cat, and a corn snake.”

Friend: *recoils* “Ew, a snake? I hate snakes!”

(I get this reaction a lot, which I find rather rude, but being a shy and typically non-confrontational person, I usually grin and bear it.)

Me: “I see. Did you have a bad incident with a snake or something?”

Friend: “No, they’re just ugly. I have a pet dog.”

Me: *feeling a little upset still* “Oh, I’m scared of dogs.”

Friend: “What? Why? You have a snake but a dog scares you?”

Me: “Well, you see, a snake has never chased me down the streets and nearly gotten me hit by a car on multiple occasions.”

Friend: “…”

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