Not Taught Because We Caught It From A Tot

| Learning | July 2, 2013

(As a class of 15-17 year olds filters into the room, we notice a four-year-old girl running around the room.)

Student: “Uhm, ma’am? Who is the girl?”

Teacher: “Oh, this is my daughter! Annie, say hello to my students!”

(She says hello to several students and tries to hug a few.)

Student: “Why is she here today, anyway?”

Teacher: “Oh, she’s not allowed back at pre-school until next week when her pink eye clears up. The babysitter wouldn’t come watch her either, so I figured I’d bring her here with me!”

(A week goes by.)

Teacher: “Holy cow, look at this room! We’re starting a new vocabulary unit and nearly half the class is missing! Where in the world have they gone?”

Me: “They all got pink eye from your daughter.”

Teacher: “I guess they’re gonna have to get notes from the rest of you. We’re having a test about this next Thursday!”

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