Not Taking A Spill For You

| Working | April 18, 2017

(I work at truck stop that had been bought up by a national franchise. We have had a fuel spill, and being the only one with any experience cleaning up the mess, as well as being assigned janitorial duty that day, I am out there cleaning it up. Due to this, there is no one doing janitorial duties inside.)

Shift Manager: “[My Name], there are customers waiting on shower rooms. I need you to come in and clean them now.”

(The franchise likes to pride itself on providing the best customer care, and since it caters to truck drivers, clean shower rooms are something they like to always have ready. I, however, am aware of other things, and state how I view my current task as more important.)

Me: “I will do that the second I have this cleaned up.”

Shift Manager: “I need you to take care of the showers now.”

(He does not see the importance of cleaning up a fuel spill. He also doesn’t know who the local neighbors are.)

Me: “Fine. I clean the showers, as long as you explain to Corporate why they are receiving a huge fine from the EPA.”

(The local office of the Environmental Protection Agency is just down the road from us. When the place was under its original management, a similar fuel spill had resulted in a fine when they saw other employees not doing anything to help in the clean up.)

Shift Manager: *eyes wide as the implications hit him* “Keep cleaning up that fuel spill. The showers can wait.”

(Personally, I still think he should have taken on the task of cleaning the showers. The general manager would have done that in this situation.)

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