Not Such A Sleeping Beauty

, , , | Right | August 21, 2019

(I am on the train to work, and it’s pretty early in the morning. We’re heading into the city, and most of the people on board are pretty sleepy, myself included. The guy next to me has fallen asleep, and I mean solidly asleep. The one stop the train makes before the city, where a huge influx of people board, does nothing to wake him up. He is out of it. As I’ve known people who have missed stops — and flights — before due to being asleep, when we arrive at the station I decide to help. Big mistake.)

Me: *very gently touches him on the shoulder* “Hey, we’re–”

Guy: *jerks upright* “I was not sleeping!

Me: “Oh, sorry, just didn’t want you to miss your stop.”

Guy: *glares* “Well, I wouldn’t have, because I wasn’t sleeping!

Me: “Okay, sorry?”

Guy: *huffs and starts muttering under his breath*

Me: *to my partner, who was in a different seat, as we’re walking out* “Jeez, next time I’ll just let him sleep through his stop!”

Partner: “Right? I mean just ’cause it’s Monday, there’s no need to be rude.”

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