Not SOUND Asleep

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(We are a small boutique and we are expected to greet every customer who comes into the store in a friendly manner, and ask if they are looking for anything specific since sometimes people need help looking for a gift or an item they recently saw. A lady comes with a sleeping newborn strapped to her front.)

Me: “Hi there! How are you?”

(The lady glares at me and gives a tiny wave. Confused, I give her a few minutes to walk around before approaching her.)

Me: *in a calm, normal volume* “Was there anything specific you were looking for today? A gift, maybe?”

Lady: *in a fierce whisper* “SHHHH!”

Me: *whispering* “I’m sorry. Let me know if you have any—”

Lady: *still whispering angrily* “I’m just trying to keep him asleep; that’s why I left the noisy street, so kindly keep your noise DOWN!”

(Offended and bemused, I go silently back to the register. Soon another customer enters. I approach them so I’m not shouting across the store.)

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

Customer: “Great thanks!”

Lady: *charging up to us and almost shouting* “CAN YOU PLEASE JUST BE QUIET FOR ONCE?!”

(We both stare at her and the baby wakes up and soon starts screaming.)

Lady: “Well, thanks for THAT. Guess I’m all done shopping now!”

(She leaves in a huff.)

Customer: “Well. Isn’t she just the poster model for not having kids? Anyways, I’m looking for a serving bowl for my mother…”

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