Not Something To Be Gushing Over

| Working | June 12, 2013

(I need to have my tonsils removed and am very nervous about the whole process. When the nurse takes my fiancé and I back, she explains about how the IV goes in, but I start crying anyway.)

Nurse: “Aww, it’s okay! Tell me about your job.”

Me: “Well, I’m a teacher and I teach 7th grade. I think 12 year olds are braver than I am!”

Nurse: “You must have the patience of a saint! I admire people like you… uh oh!”

Me: “What’s uh oh?!”

Nurse: “I was so busy talking you down, that I wasn’t really paying attention to putting your IV in. That’s A LOT of blood!”

Me: “Oh… I don’t feel so good. Is it okay?”

Nurse: “It’s fine; it’s in, but man, you’re dripping everywhere! I better clean this up.”

Me: “Please stop…”

(The nurse gets a cloth and cleans off my hand, but not before bringing over a second nurse to see the blood.)

Nurse: “Man, she’s a gusher, isn’t she?!”

(The surgery itself went fine, but I am no less nervous about getting an IV in!)

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