Not So Tender About The Chicken, Part 2

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Old Woman: “So, what kind of food do you do here?”

Literally the entire menu is behind me, but I begin going through it. One of our side dishes, the chicken tikka nachodoms, has been incredibly popular.

Old Woman: “How big is the chicken tikka nachodoms? I’m not sure I can manage a full meal.”

Me: “Oh, don’t worry, its mainly a side dish we do, but it’s incredibly popular! Here is a picture of it, too!”

I point to the menu board.

Old Woman: “Okay, that sounds nice. I’ll have that, please.”

I process the order, give her a table number, and show her to the condiments stand. The order is taken out by one of the waiters as I am busy manning the till. Not even five minutes later, one of the chefs and I notice we are getting dirty looks.

Me: “Is everything okay, ma’am?”

Old Woman: “Not really. I’m quite upset by this.”

Me: “Oh, dear, what can I do to help?”

Old Woman: “I’m a vegetarian and this dish has meat in it!”

Me: “I do apologise, but the chicken tikka nachodoms does contain meat.”

A few other customers start giggling at this point.

Old Woman: “I need a fresh one without meat as I’m vegetarian!”

Me: “Sure, no problem! I proceed to let the kitchen know I need the vegetarian version of the chicken tikka nachodoms!”

I hope she got the hint by the end!

Not So Tender About The Chicken

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