Not-So-Smashing Candy Smashing

, , , , , | Working | May 18, 2021

A friend of mine is having a rough time at the moment, and I figure a big bar of chocolate might raise her spirits. I manage to find one in a flavour I think she’ll like. As I walk away, I realise that the bar has been smashed into little pieces inside the wrapper.

Luckily, I see one of the workers restocking the shelf, so I approach him.

Me: “Sorry, can I grab a fresh one of these?”

Worker: “What?”

Me: “I just want to replace this.”

Worker: “Oh, I have a fresh box here somewhere.”

He grabs the full boxes of chocolate out of the cage and drops them one by one on the floor. He gets to my box and drops that as well, and then he rips open the box.

Worker: “How many do you want?”

Me: “You know what? I will buy something else.”

I’m sure it would taste the same, but I decided to get a bunch of flowers, which were well received.

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