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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 26

| Related | March 9, 2016

(I pull into the bank parking lot to go to the ATM. It is not a drive up machine. I am also on the phone with my mother. Neither one of us is trying to be funny.)

Me: “I just got to the bank. I always take my cell phone with me when I go up to the machine. You know, as a security thing?”

Mom: “Good idea.”

Me: “But I can’t find my phone. I’ve torn apart my purse and it’s nowhere.”

(While saying this I am looking under the car seat, in my coat pockets, etc.)

Mom: “Did you have it when you left the house?”

Me: “Yes, I know I did.”

Mom: Do you want to hang up and I’ll call it so you can find it?

Me: “I guess…” *sudden realization hits* “Wait! Think about what we both just said.”

(Long pause.)

Mom: “Oh. Never mind.”


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