Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 24

| Related | December 21, 2015

(I’m notorious for misplacing my cell phone on a regular basis. Driving to work one evening, I decide to prank my youngest. I call her from my cell phone.)

Youngest: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi, I need you to do me a favor. Check your brother’s room and see if he left his bedroom light on. Then, I need you to go in my room and look for my cell phone.”

Youngest: “Okay, mommy.”

(She goes to check on her brother’s light and shuts it off. Then, she goes into my room to look for my cell phone.)

Youngest: “I don’t see your cell phone, mommy.”

Me: “Are you sure? Check under my pillows.”

Youngest: “Okay, mommy… Wait a minute… How are you calling me?”

Me: *laughs*

Youngest: *laughs* “It took me a minute…”


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