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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 30

| Related | May 23, 2016

(My grandma has come over for help with her new smart phone.)

Grandma: “I’m supposed to get my phone connected to Gmail.”

Me: “Okay, I can do that. What’s your login?”

Grandma: “I don’t know… but the lady at the phone store set up one for me.”

Me: “Did she write it down for you?”

Grandma: “She sent it to my phone.”

Me: “Okay, did she text it or what?”

Grandma: “She sent it to my email.”

Me: “Great. Which email account did she send it to?”

Grandma: “Gmail.”

Me: “No, it’s your login for Gmail. She wouldn’t have sent it to that account. Do you have another email address?”

Grandma: “I have Yahoo.”

Me: “Ok, good. What’s your login for that one?”

Grandma: “[Name] at ATT dot net.”

Me: “That’s not a Yahoo address. And you don’t have AT&T anymore, so that address isn’t valid anymore.”

Grandma: “Well, it shouldn’t matter which email I give you. They all talk to each other anyway.”

Me: “What?!”

Grandma: “They all belong to Microsoft, so they should all be the same.”

Me: *facepalm* “I’m just going to get you a new Gmail address…”


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