Not So Smart-Phone

| Learning | December 3, 2015

(We currently have a sub that is known for not being very bright. She is currently focused on the class clown, who is sitting in the back on his phone.)

Substitute: *completely serious* “My, what a small, bright book you have.”

Kid: *confused* “Huh?”

Substitute: “Now, it certainly is nice to see young folks reading. That’s something that you don’t see very often nowadays, with all those smart phones and what not. What book are you reading?”

Kid: *still confused* “Uh, The Great Gatsby.”

Substitute: “A very well written book indeed. It’s nice to see that you’re making yourself well prepared for college.”

(Nobody was sure if she was serious or not until our regular teacher returned and said that the sub had put in her report that the kid was reading during class and commended the teacher for encouraging us to prepare ourselves for college.)

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