Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 20

| Related | July 23, 2015

(I’m disabled and walk with a great deal of difficulty. I’d just gotten my chair loaded and go to get into the driver’s seat of my van when I realize I’ve forgotten my cell phone in the house. Not wanting to unload my chair, I hobble my way back into the house. I see my wife coming out of the bedroom.)

Wife: “Oh! You’re back. What did you forget?”

Me: “I forgot my cell phone.”

Wife: “Well, you didn’t need to hurt yourself coming back in. You should have just texted me. I would have brought it out to you.”

Me: “…”

Wife: “What?”

Me: “I want you to think about what you just said.”

Wife: “Oh… well, I haven’t had my coffee yet.” *laughing* “Go to work!”


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