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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 42

, , , | Right | November 12, 2020

It is 1995. I work in a discount/dollar-type store where most things are very cheap, in price and sometimes in construction. Mobile phones are starting to become more common, but they are still very expensive and only sold through phone retailers and on contracts.

One of our popular items is a toy cell phone that is made of plastic that can open up and is filled with candy. It’s smaller and much lighter than phones of the time and costs $2. It’s in the confectionary section, not in toys or electronics.

I am on the registers when a man in his late twenties wearing a business suit buys one of these toy phones. It clearly states on the packaging that it is a toy and has candy inside. I think nothing of it, because it is a popular toy.

Barely ten minutes later, he comes back.

Customer: “I want to return this.”

He hands me the opened phone.

Me: “What is the reason why?”

Customer: *Mumbles* “I thought it was real.”

I processed the return and gave him his $2 back, trying to figure out how on earth he thought this candy-filled piece of flimsy plastic was a real phone. I guess he thought he’d stumbled onto an incredible bargain!

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