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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 41

, , | Right | September 21, 2020

This was around 2003 when most, if not all, cellphones had removable batteries. It was also my first tech support call in my first call center job.

Me: “Hello! Thank you for calling [Company]! My name is [My Name]; how may I help you today?”

Customer: “Your store sold me a broken phone!”

Me: “Oh no! That’s no good! Let’s get this figured out okay?”

Customer: “Fine! Whatever!”

We spend the next twenty minutes going through a basic tier 1 troubleshooting guide–which getting her to actually do is like pulling teeth with the occasional “Your store sold me a broken phone!” rant, which is missing a very VERY important step!

Me: “Well, huh. This is a doozy. Let’s get you to our tier-two support because we may need to order you a new phone.”

Customer: “There’s also this black box in the box the phone was in.”

Me: *Lightbulb moment* “Really? Could you do me a favor and take off the back cover and tell me what you see inside?”

I hear the sounds of her doing so.

Customer: “Nothing! I see nothing! Not even a battery!”

I am now definitely feeling like the idiot you all think I am.

Me: “That little black box, does it have little metal pieces that line up with the little metal pieces in the back of the phone?”

Customer: “Yeah. What of it?”

Me: “Can you put the box in the phone, making sure the metal pieces all align. The put the back cover on and try turning on the phone?”

Customer: *Huffs* “I don’t know what this will do but—hey! It works!” *Instantly nicer* “It came on! Thank you so much!”

Me: “Not a problem! Have a nice day, ma’am, and thank you for calling [Company].”

Yes, the battery was removed from the phone when the store sent her home with it. Yes, I made sure to raise a stink about the guides so checking for a battery was added in case of other scared newbies like myself. I still have NO idea why the store took the battery back out.

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