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Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 25

| Learning | February 6, 2016

(Someone’s phone makes a beep. The teacher chooses not to notice. A few minutes pass, and it happens again.)

Teacher: “All right, guys, whose phone is it?”

(No one speaks up.)

Teacher: “Okay, this is for your own sake. Everyone take your phones out and put them on your desk.”

(Everyone does. Soon enough, the phone goes off again.)

Teacher: *checks all our phones* “Okay, who didn’t take their phone out?”

Me: “Ma’am, I think it’s your phone. It seems to be coming from your desk.”

Teacher: “That’s ridiculous” *continues lesson*

(The phone goes off again. The teacher goes over and checks her phone, and sure enough, she has five unread messages.)

Teacher: “That’s strange; I’ve never heard it make that sound before.”


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