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Not-So-Reassuring Insurance

, , | Working | July 27, 2021

My mom realizes she has no information on my dad’s life insurance policy other than the name of the company. She calls to see if they can give her the missing information. She explains the situation and verifies my dad’s name, social security number, birthday, etc., and my dad gives the agent permission for my mom to speak on his behalf.

Agent: “Do you have the policy number?”

Mom: “No. Like I said, that’s why I’m calling. I have no info other than your company’s name.”

Agent: “Can you verify the name of the beneficiary?”

Mom: “It should be [Mom’s Full Name].”

Wrong. She tries my name, my sister’s name, and my grandparents’ names. Nope. My mom is transferred to a supervisor and goes through verifying my dad’s information a second time, and again, my dad grants her permission to speak on his behalf. The supervisor goes through all the same questions with the same answers.

Supervisor: “If you can’t give me any other information, do you at least know the year you activated the policy?”

Mom: *Guessing* “2016?”

Supervisor: “No.”

Mom: “2015?”

Supervisor: “No.”

Mom: “2014?”

This kept going until she guessed the correct year, in the early 2000s. The supervisor was then able to give my mom the information. The beneficiary? My mom. But someone made an error and her middle name was listed as her first. How they were able to give her the information after she guessed the year but not from all of the rest of the information, I’ll never understand.

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