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Not So Punchy Punch Line

| Learning | February 24, 2014

(I am new to the school, having just moved. Most of my classmates have not only been going to school together since kindergarten but, since it’s a special gifted program, have been in the same class for a few years. We’re in the library for a study period and this is the first time I’m meeting the librarian at the start of the year. She is making some announcements about computer availability and some library rules.)

Librarian: “And unfortunately that while you will have the pleasure of my presence, I regret to inform you that I resolve this year not to tell any jokes to this class anymore.”

Student #1: “Why?”

Librarian: “Because it got really tiresome last year to tell a joke, have everyone laugh, and then have to wait 10 minutes for [Student #2] to start laughing.”

(Everyone laughs but me, and one other girl. Then a few minutes later, I discovered that she was Student #2, as she suddenly started laughing after we had started on an activity.)

Student #2: “Oh, ‘cause I’m slow to get the joke! That’s funny!” *giggles*

(Student #2 and I became friends! It turns out she’s brilliant, but not always paying attention, and liked to affect stupidity. It was an interesting introduction to my new classmates.)

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