Not So Pretty In Pink, Part 3

| Working | November 6, 2014

(One thing I like about my job is that the office music plays hits from the radiotherapy peps me up, instead of dreary boring elevator type music that puts me to sleep. It usually isn’t very risqué, until the day my boss is helping a customer with something, right underneath a speaker. Pink’s ‘U and Ur Hand Tonight’ comes on.)

Boss: “So, what we have here is…”

Pink: *on radio* “It’s just you and your hand tonight! Uh uh oh oh oh…”

Boss: “What is this music?! [My Name], go in the back and change it, now!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am…”

(Since then, we had old dreary boring music on and my boss refuses to change it to anything else. Thanks a lot, Pink!)

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