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Not So Pretty In All The Pinks

, , , | Right | May 1, 2019

(I am a graphic designer working with a client on a logo. The logo has been created, but she keeps wanting to change the shade of pink.)

Client: “That’s good, but I really want that pink to be more pastel.”

(I pick something more pastel and send it back.)

Client: “No, more pastel.”

(I try again and again to get this pastel pink she wants. We’ve probably gone through fifty different pinks at this point.)

Me: “Ma’am, as I asked you the first time, do you have some sort of swatch or reference for this pink?”

Client: “Why can’t you just make it more pastel?!”

Me: “There are hundreds of different shades of pink I could pick. Some sort of reference would really be appreciated.”

Client: “Just pastel! Like a flamingo!

(I almost had to leave the building after that.)

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