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Not So Pop-ular

| Learning | March 10, 2015

(On the first day of ninth grade we are told that we are expected to study the class material every night as part of our homework and that it is our responsibility to do this without being told every night. We are also told to expect pop quizzes throughout the year. This happens EVERY TIME we are given a pop quizzes that year.)

Teacher: “Okay, class, put away your books and take out a pencil. It’s time for a pop quiz!”

Student #1: “What?! That’s not fair; you never gave us any warning!”

Teacher: “That’s because it’s a ‘pop’ or ‘surprise’ quiz.”

Student #2: “But we didn’t study! You never told us we were having a test so how could we study?”

Teacher: “You are supposed to study every night whether I tell you to or not. Besides, we covered all this in class and the quiz doesn’t count towards grades so take out a pencil and…”

Student #1: “But you didn’t SAY to study. I’ll fail! You have to let us study first!

(Almost all the other students in the class agree.)

Teacher: “Okay, fine. Take half an hour to study and we’ll take the quiz later.”

Me: “Can I just do my quiz now? I studied.”

Two Other Students: “Yeah, we studied. We’ll do ours now.”

(This same exact scenario played out every time we had a pop quiz in any class with any teacher right through to graduation. Needless to say these students were shocked when our university professors failed them for refusing to take the quizzes without time to study first!)

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