Not So Plainly Understood

| Working | January 30, 2014

(My mother has a severe mustard allergy. Even a small bit will make her violently ill. We are at a drive-up fast food restaurant where you park next to a speaker and the food is brought to your car. My mother orders a plain hamburger. The employee brings our our meal, and my mother checks her sandwich before biting into it. It is covered in ketchup and mustard.)

Mother: *presses button speaker* “My sandwich is wrong. It needs to be PLAIN.”

(The employee comes out looking annoyed, takes the sandwich, and leaves without saying a word. A few minutes later she returns, practically throws the food at my mother, and leaves again. My mother opens the sandwich and explodes. It is the same sandwich with the condiments just partially scraped off. She rings the speaker again and requests a manager, and explains what has happened. The manager comes out to the car and starts speaking to my mother as if she’s a child.)

Manager: “[Employee] remade your sandwich completely, ma’am. She told me so. It’s not the same food.”

Mother: “YES, IT IS!”

Manager: “No. She remade it.”

(My mother silently holds up the sandwich and opens the bun to show that it’s still covered in ketchup and mustard.)

Manager: “I… see. I apologize. I’ll be right back with another one.”

(We would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the manager got her hands on the employee who had lied to her and made her look foolish.)

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