Not So Open And Shut

| Related | April 26, 2013

(I’m sitting at my desk in my room, working on homework for college. I also work part-time, and keep my schedule stuck to a calendar board behind my door. My door doesn’t open all the way, thanks to a small stand I have near it.)

Mom: “Can I get your work schedule for next week? I want to know when you’ll be home.”

Me: “Sure, it’s on the calendar.”

Mom: “I wish I could take it with me so I could write it down.”

Me: “It’s written down on that slip of paper stuck next to it. You can take that with you.”

(My mom looks at the partially open door.)

Mom: “But I can’t reach it.”

Me: “Just close the door, then.”

Mom: “But I can’t reach it!”

(She opens the door wider, and makes a big show of not being able to reach it.)

Me: “Just close the door. Then, you can reach it.”

(She opens the door wider, then tries grabbing it again.)

Mom: “I can’t reach it!”

Me: “Just close the door. You can reach it.”

Mom: “But I can’t r—”

Me: “Just CLOSE the DOOR.”

(She looks dejected, and walks out of the room, slowly closing the door.)

Me: “You can close the door while you are inside the room! Then you can reach the paper.”

(She looks at me for a moment, then comes inside, closes the door, grabs the paper, then opens the door to walk out.)

Mom: “You know my brain doesn’t work like everybody else’s.”

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