Not So Hippy Dippy

, , , , | Right | October 20, 2018

(I had only been working for a couple of months, and had already heard lots of odd things from customers. On this day, a customer comes up to my register and notices my name tag.)

Customer: Oh, [My Name]?

(I’m used to hearing comments about it, since I’m named after a state capital that’s also a Native American tribe, and is spelled the same. I’m used to comments about the spelling, whether I’m from there, or how many they’ve known. I wasn’t prepared for this customer, however.)

Me: *prepares for a usual response, just in case* “Yes.”

Customer: “Your parents must’ve been hippies.”

Me: *slightly shocked* ”Um… “No, sir. My dad is just southern.”

(I’ve still never figured out why my parents must be hippies for my name, and a year later I’ve never been asked it again, but my mom got a laugh out of it!)

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