Not So Hasty With The Pastry

| Working | December 30, 2016

(During rehearsal for a play we get a lunch break, and a few friends and I go over to a nearby cafe for lunch. I go to this cafe often and am friendly with most of the employees. I often joke around with Employee #2, but Employee #1 is new. I am in front of my friends in line:)

Me: “Hi, can I have a ham and cheese croissant and an iced tea?”

Employee #1: “Sure, that will be $2.99.”

(I pay and get my drink, then go sit down. My friend orders and joins me. A little later, she is called to get her food. I go up to see where my food is.)

Employee #2: *jokingly* “What do you want now?”

Me: “I ordered a ham and cheese croissant?”

Employee #2: *to Employee #1* “Did she have a croissant?”

Employee #1: “Umm…”

Employee #2: *sighs* “Go make that now.”

(A little later:)

Employee #2: “[My Name], here’s your food!” *holds out a plain croissant*

Me: “Umm.”

Employee #2: “It’s the wrong one, isn’t it?”

Me: “Sorry, it was ham and cheese.”

Employee #2: “Fine.”

(He goes to make it himself. Meanwhile, I have finished my drink, and go up to the counter to get another one.)

Employee #1: “Please don’t be mad at me.”

Me: “I’m not, but can I have another iced tea?”

(I paid again and got my drink. By this time the right food was finally ready, but our break was already over, so I ended up having to eat in between my scenes.)

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